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How Does the Smart Energy System Controller Work?


Begin by asking yourself these three questions:

1. Do I want to save money on electricity?
2. Do I want to purchase my electricity at a discount?
3. Do I want to help preserve the environment, yet still have all my electricity needs met?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then read on.
The first chart (chart A) demonstrates your guaranteed savings.
This dramatic drop in your power bill does not mean using less electricity.


It means buying your electricity as a substantial discount!

How does the Smart Energy System Controller work to produce these savings?
Power companies know that it is very costly for them to generate enough power to meet the energy requirements of all their customers at certain times. Some utilities use the Energy System demand controller for their customers since it reduces operating expenses for the utility company. Homeowners enjoy big savings since the utility company offers them deeply discounted rates. Since a high peak demand increases pollution and depletes natural resources, the Energy System is not only a watchdog for your pocketbook, but for the environment as well. IN SUMMARY, EVERY PARTY WINS---YOU, YOUR UTILITY COMPANY, AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Think of the Energy System as a computerized mediator between you, your electric bill, the power company and the environment, with every party coming out a winner!! Smart Energy Solutions' clients have been enjoying these benefits for the past 10 years.


This chart demonstrates how your daily demand can fluctuate widely between 2.1 kW and 18 kW (red line is Owner A) before you install the Smart Energy System. Notice the high peak around 6 PM. After installation, it manages your energy consumption in order to avoid peak load charges (blue line) This line demonstrates how the Energy System manages peak load. Our clients have a usage pattern similar to the orange (Owner B) shaded area. Notice how the load is distributed during the peak periods. The results are savings and comfort. The Energy System removes the sharp spikes in kW, enabling the homeowner to purchase his electricity at a 25% to 40 % discount!


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